Tips for Newly Remodeled Home Purchases…ASK THESE!

Fellow past, present and future Home Buyers:


Purchasing a newly remodeled home? Here are some questions to keep in mind and ASK before you make your final move!

1. What was the property’s condition when it was foreclosed upon?

2. Can the seller provide receipts by all contractors for all work performed to verify amount seller spent and to waive any lien right on current property?

3. Is there a detailed list of what the seller has performed or had performed on property to correct any and all defects on the previous condition of the property?

4. What is the time difference between when the seller bought the foreclosed home and put it back on the market? (This will help you determine what the seller really did and if he/she/they spent the adequate amount of time and money to fix the property)

5. What is the price difference of what they seller bought home for and is now selling for? (see #4 for reasoning).

6. What is the age of the big timers in the home (i.e. heating and cooling, roof, gutters, etc.) and were they repaired/replaced?

Just some helpful questions to keep in mind! If you are looking to venture into purchasing a newly remodeled home, we would LOVE to help you out in searching and finding your ABSOLUTE perfect home. Give Ashley or Evelyn a call at 314-313-1773 or 636-265-2801. We can’t wait to put a little more Sunshine in your search :).

Happy Hump Day!!


-Sunshine Team

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