Proof your better off with Sunshine Realty!

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“Some homeowners may have a strong preference for selling their own properties, but a new poll by HomeGain suggests having a real estate agents improves a person’s odds of offloading their home.

HomeGain is an online marketing solutions provider for real estate agents. The firm recently conducted a survey of 400 homeowners, asking them whether they attempted to sell their homes on their own or through an agent.

About 66% of homeowners who utilized the services of a Realtor, for example, managed to sell their home — while only 30% of those who attempted to sell their own properties were successful.

22% of those who attempted to list properties on their own eventually enlisted the help of a real estate agents. Of those homeowners, 55% were eventually able to sell.”

Even Better?  With Sunshine Realty’s commission and payment structure, you end up saving yourself even more THOUSANDS of dollars in the back end by only paying .33 of 1% of the sale cost as opposed to the average 3% and only a $399 up front fee to get you started.  Don’t overpay in this economy.  Let Sunshine Realty help YOU today! Give us a call at 636-265-2801.

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