How to prepare your home for your listing appointment


Reposted from @Pinterest. We love this chart because it has several things on it that we suggest to our clients before listing their home. We ALWAYS recommend de=cluttering as much as possible. We also recommend setting and staging table with BRIGHT colors to attract the eye. A few other things we recommend that most don’t think of themselves:

  • Make Sure all windows are powerwashed and/or cleaned
  • wipe down baseboards so as to get rid of dust and dirt showing
  • Light a candle that reminds you of home before a showing such as coffee, vanilla, cookies, cake, cinnamon, pumpkin, etc.

We hope this post today has helped you just a little bit more in understanding the home listing process! Tomorrow we will post about how to help the buyer’s side :). Until then, have a Sunshine day!

-The Sunshine Team,

Evelyn, Ashley, Dana & Lisa

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