Happy Home Buyer Holidays!!

Recently, my mother and I have been getting a TON of sellers asking us the very same question, which unsurprisingly is a question that comes up every holiday season: SHOULD WE TAKE A BREAK FROM OUR HOME BEING ON THE MARKET WITH THE HOLIDAYS COMING UP?  Before we get into this, I’d like to see your opinion,  what do you think the correct answer to this question is?


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Friends, if you answered, NO, YOU SHOULD NOT TAKE YOUR HOME OFF THE MARKET DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON, then you are correct ;).  The answer as to why is a simple one.  Though many people think that people are out spending time with their family and don’t have time for anything else, the exact opposite is true.  Yes, people are visiting families in other areas, but who says that area is not yours?  Furthermore, who says that people during the holidays don’t decide that they want to live closer to family and therefore want to start looking for homes in said area.  The fact is that home buying seems to slow down at the beginning of fall (late August) until mid fall (late October).  This is because families are most likely taking their last family trips before school starts, the summer home buying fiasco is coming to a close, etc.  However, things really start to pick up in the beginning of November through the end of the year, because people have time to start thinking about it again.  It is also a great time to get a home at a better price, because a lot of sellers drop after the summer season is over, and most people take that into consideration and even decide to wait until summer is over to start looking.  What is the point of this ramble? Don’t let the holiday season fool you into thinking that people are not out looking at homes!  Here at Sunshine Realty are busier than normal helping buyers search for homes.  Long story short, keep your home on the market for the holidays, and you may be surprised by the increase of showings/interest you receive.


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