FSBO is NEVER a better option

“When real estate markets recover, it’s not uncommon for overly ambitious sellers to consider selling without an agent in attempt to increase their profits.” -Trulia Blog

HOWEVER, after all of the individual fees, sign gees, marketing fees & advertising, it’s MUCH cheaper to go with Sunshine Realty AND you get a full service representation helping you out! We understand that not everyone can pay 6% total commission. That’s why, with Sunshine Realty we only have a $399 up front fee to cover all of those fees (much cheaper than what you would have to pay individually) and AT THE MOST 3.03% commission on the back end. So, honestly, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? Call us today at 636-265-2801 and schedule your complimentary consultation!SunshineRealty-logo-final-3-1-12

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