For your sanity…and ours!

Good morning Sunshine!

This post goes out to all of our amazing lenders, brokers, title companies & agents alike. In the image found below (found on Pinterest…Thanks!), we help map out what we would say, “PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT DO THESE THINGS WHEN YOU ARE PURCHASING YOUR HOME OR THINKING ABOUT STARTING THE PROCESS.” Furthermore, if you are purchasing a home, pretend like all of your assets, name and purchasing abilities are frozen. DO NOT USE THEM. We, as a team, have come across so many clients who do not know you cannot finance that couch you cannot wait to put in your new great room. Or that new truck that will FINALLY fit in your oversized garage. From us, our loyal lenders and your sanity calling, please please wait until you have the key ready to put it in your home. Better yet, the clear from your agent that you have funded and the home is yours, to purchase anything large and/or finance that new, shiny car. See the list below of things NOT TO DO in your home purchase process :). Have a Sunshine day everyone! Winter is coming!


The Sunshine Team: Ashley, Evelyn and Dana



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