Complimentary Services

As your full service realtor, we provide you with everything that you need in order to list your home. Some of these complimentary services that we offer are also at an additional charge at other full service agencies (other agencies charge a la carte). We do everything that we can to provide you with the best service possible and equip you and your home with a complimentary professional yard sign, arrows, photos of your home for marketing purposes, supra lockbox, centralized showing service and online/news advertisements. The following is a deeper explanation of everything we do to help you and your home.
Professional Yard Signs
One Professional Yard Sign is provided as a complimentary service during the length of your listing.
Directional Arrows
Arrows are generally used for placement at the entrance to subdivisions, end of streets, etc. when your home is deep within a neighborhood/subdivision in order to drive traffic to your property that is listed. The first arrow is complimentary.

Photos of your home
During your listing appointment before it goes active, we will take high end, professional pictures of every room in your home as well as exterior photos (will include 20+ pictures to go live online). This is done to improve the marketing of your home on the internet. We use a professional, high quality camera with a wide fish angle lens (encompasses the full room) so that we may size your photos perfectly for internet viewing. Your first impression will be your photos, so we ensure that you have every opportunity for the best!

Realtor- Supra Lockbox
We will provide you with a complimentary Realtor Supra Lockbox which you can leave on your door for the life of your listing. Our lockboxes give you added security and can only be opened by Realtor’s or Real Estate Appraiser’s with wireless Supra keys and will automatically provide us with the contact information of EVERY single individual that has accessed the box and your home. We do this to provide you with the utmost security!
Centralized Showing Service
We will set you up with a professional showing service to schedule your showings directly with you and run an email feedback service to supply you with feedback from Realtors and individuals that have viewed your home which can be very helpful for future showings. This makes it easier on you in the way that you will only be contacted through ONE non-bias agency to approve a showing and you can set as many or as little restrictions as you’d like.
Online Marketing
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