Are you looking for your next dream home, investment fixer upper or even new construction? LOOK NO FURTHER!

DID YOU KNOW: Buyers should NEVER have to pay a buyer fee whether it be up front or at closing to their buyer’s agent. Also known as a finders fee. There are plenty of top notch agents out there that do not charge a flat fee to help you find your home. Why? Because with most homes, your buyers agent will make an average of 2.5%-2.7% in commission at the closing. WE DO NOT CHARGE A BUYERS FEE TO ANY OF OUR BUYERS! That is another service we provide complimentary to you that sets us apart from many other real estate companies!

Does this change your priority? ABSOLUTELY NOT! We treat all of our buyers with the utmost care and highest priority. We take pride in helping our clients find their dream home no matter how much time that may take. We want to make sure the home you get is the right home for YOU! Same or better service, NO FEES!


Are you thinking of building your next dream home? MAKE SURE YOU USE AN AGENT! Here are some common concerns we hear and the answers to many clients questions:

  1. I don’t want to use an agent because I don’t want to have to pay more for my construction home.

***Using an agent will not cost you ANY EXTRA to purchase. In fact, most agents have relationships with many of the builders or have worked with those companies in the past to have the knowledge to save you MORE on your home! We know the questions to ask and the upgrades to ask for to save you THOUSANDS more on your home! The builder ALWAYS offers us, as the buyers agent, on average 2.7%, while not effecting your outcome at all!

  1. I don’t need an agent, the builder will probably credit me or give me a better deal without one.

***False, again here, most agents can get you better upgrades, add ons and savings due to knowing the right questions to ask. PLUS, DID YOU KNOW you DO NOT have to use the builders lenders, title companies and/or surveyors!

  1. Are you a nurse, police officer, teacher, fireman, etc? We can help you save EVEN MORE when building! Call us today to find out how. A builder will sit down with you and say they are giving you the best deal they can, when in fact, there are many ways to knock down your final price. That is when an agent comes in handy!

There are many pitfalls to not using an agent when building your home. MAKE SURE YOU CALL SUNSHINE FIRST, BEFORE YOU WALK IN WITH A BUILDER, so we can represent you to the best of our ability and get you the best deals.