5 Things To Do Before Scheduling a Consult…

Dear Homeowner:

Getting your home show ready is a hassle and it can be tough on home owners.  For your help and sanity, Sunshine Realty has come up with a list of 5 main things to do before you make the phone call to get more information about putting your house on the market.

1. DECLUTTER!  We can’t say this enough.  Think about searching for a home yourself and how you would want it prepared or how nice you imagine it showing.  Do things around your house and declutter that you would appreciate in your search.  For instance, get rid of old magazines, don’t leave loose items on desks, counters or tables unless it is decoration, organize knick knacks, etc.

2. WHEN WILL YOU BE READY? Think about when you want to put your house on the market.  If it is anywhere later than 2 months from your phone call to list, it is probably a bit to soon to schedule a consult/listing.

3. THINK ABOUT THE PRICE that you either want or need to get out of your home.  Consults generally provide you with comps for your area and tax values, but having a client with an idea of a price can also help an agent TREMENDOUSLY.  Definitely something to take into consideration during the consult.

4. DO YOUR RESEARCH.  Researching real estate companies and agents can help you in the long run by far.  If you do research on reviews, testimonials, commission prices and rates, etc. before the meeting, you don’t have to rely strickly on what the realtor is telling you. Take the offensive and know your stuff!

5. CLEAN.  I’m not saying do a full blown, run around your house and make everything spotless job.  Stick to the basics at least…tidy it up a bit.  Remember, a consult is also OUR first impression as a realtor of your home and it ultimately helps us see what we think you can get long term and in the end.

We hope this helps and we hope to hear from each and every one of you very soon (if and when you are ready to talk about going on the market ;))

Best Wishes!

-Sunshine Realty Team


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